Tips on going to Camotes, travel guide

Mangudlong Rock Resort

A travel guide that will help you get around Camotes. Below are some tips on getting around Camotes Islands, a traveller’s guide.

1. Swim wear

Don’t forget to bring your swim wear so you will be ready for a good swim. You might miss the fun to enjoy the beach. It never fails you because, the beaches are beautiful, clean, and crystal clear waters. The white sand will let you feel the blessed of being able to enjoy nature.

2. Swimming gears

How about you bring your snorkelling gears, you might be able to see a variety of fishes under the sea. You will be able to get to know the aquatic animals on this one. It’s a good fact that you will be able to accustomed on new learning about fishes, sea shells, and corals.

3. Book accommodation in advance

It’s a good habit to book in advance, so you won’t be bothered by the long queue for booking. Online booking is one of the best process for your accommodation. You will be ready along, and don’t forget to read the reviews online before you book, so you will know the resort you are going to book and what it looks like. The best thing is that you will be able to see some photos and reviews along the way in online booking.

4. If you want to get the tour, book before it’s too late

The best option if you are going to take a day tour is to book ahead. There are numerous booking service online for San Francisco, Camotes Islands. Because its popular activity in Camotes, you won’t be able to get a good tour guide if you are on a haste. Or , you might end up fully booked, you won’t be able to reserved the tours especially on the months of January to June because of the season.

5. Wear light clothing

The best clothing to wear is light clothing when you travel. Of course, travelling light is a good idea since it will have less stress and avoid a heavy baggage. A good backpack will bring you 3 days of travel: your cool shorts, 3 sets of clothing, your swim wear, and your camera. And other things you might bring is your toothbrush, hairbrush, cash, and your cellphone. Or whatever you want to bring, just avoid heavy stuffs.

6. Know where you’re going

Please tell your tour guide, to where the places you want to go. And make a full understanding about the arrangements you agreed upon. In that way, all things are well. And you will have fun and enjoyable tour.

7. You can bring a few light snacks

You can bring light snacks like chippy, or nachos just not let your tummy hungry. This is best especially the market is too far away from the beaches. You won’t be able to get an amount of sari-sari stores.

8. No ATM’s in San Francisco

The bank is too far from San Francisco, Camotes Island. You can find an ATM machine in Poro Island, Camotes Islands. It’s a bit too far from the distance, it is around an hour to get to Poro Island. Make sure that you have enough cash in your travel.

For example if you are on a solo travel, you can have a budget of P5,000 at least for a day. You have 3 meals, a good tour using the motorbike, and a good night accommodation

9. Have an itinerary with you

It is best to have a good itinerary with you, so you can plan ahead of time, on what to do on the activities you want to accomplish especially on the tours you want to discover.

Below are samples of itinerary available for you to enjoy:


Every traveller , hoping to understand the idea of cleanliness. Just clean as you go principle, to leave a good mark on your travels. Letting the area clean as it is, is a good habit, you are able to help nature. and as a fellow good citizen.

There you have the top 10 tips on going to Camotes. Hope you enjoyed these tips on put to habit. Enjoy Camotes!

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