Where to buy tickets going to Camotes Islands?

There are several ways to buy tickets for travel to Camotes Islands:

  1. Online – Some ferry companies that operate services to Camotes Islands, such as Jomalia Shipping, offer online booking through their website. You can purchase tickets in advance and reserve your seats.
  2. Travel agencies – There are travel agencies located in major cities in Cebu that offer tour packages that include ferry tickets to Camotes Islands. They can also arrange for transportation to and from the port.
  3. Ferry terminals – You can also buy tickets directly from the ferry terminals in Cebu that offer services to Camotes Islands, such as Danao Port, Pier 1, and Pier 3. It’s recommended to arrive early to secure your tickets, especially during peak season.
  4. Hotels and resorts – Some hotels and resorts on Camotes Islands may also offer assistance in arranging ferry tickets for their guests. Check with your hotel if they offer this service.

It’s important to note that ferry schedules can change due to weather conditions and other factors, so it’s always a good idea to confirm the schedule with the ferry company or travel agency before purchasing your ticket. Additionally, it’s recommended to book your ticket in advance, especially during peak season or holidays, to avoid any inconvenience or delays.

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