What are the modes of transportation in Camotes?

The main modes of transportation in Camotes Islands are tricycles, habal-habal (motorcycle taxis), and multicabs (small passenger vans). Here’s a brief overview of each mode of transportation:

  1. Tricycles – Tricycles are three-wheeled motorized vehicles that can accommodate up to three passengers. They are commonly used for short trips within towns and cost around PHP 10 to PHP 50 per ride, depending on the distance.
  2. Habal-habal – Habal-habal are motorcycle taxis that can take up to two passengers. They are a popular mode of transportation for getting around the island as they can navigate narrow and rough roads that other vehicles may not be able to. Prices for habal-habal rides vary depending on the distance and negotiation, but they are generally more expensive than tricycles.
  3. Multicabs – Multicabs are small passenger vans that can accommodate up to 12 passengers. They are a common mode of transportation for longer trips between towns or to popular tourist spots. The fares vary depending on the distance and can range from PHP 15 to PHP 50 per person.

There are also private car and motorcycle rentals available on the island, which can be arranged through hotels or rental agencies. Bicycles and scooters can also be rented for a more affordable and eco-friendly way to explore the island.

Overall, the transportation options in Camotes Islands are relatively affordable and convenient, allowing visitors to easily explore the island and reach popular tourist destinations.

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