Itinerary for Camotes (backpacker) 3D/2N

Tulang Diyot

When you come to Camotes Islands, from a backpackers point of view, it will be a grand adventure. Discovering beaches, and lakes, is part of the fun.

Firstly, as a backpacker, you may have to bring along your friends, cellphone, your waterproof camera, and some cool shorts. You may also bring your swimming gears and light clothing.

Below is a suggested travel for a backpacker (the Camotes Island itinerary)

DAY 1 – at the beach and caves

8:00 AM – Arrival at Consuelo port
9:00 AM – Santiago White View (No entrance fee)
12:00 PM – a good lunch and a good drink in Santiago White View
1:30 PM – Tulang Diyot Island (Entrance fee is P60 – round trip)
5:00 PM – on the way to the “lungsod” (town) of San Francisco for a night life or eating barbecue
7:00 PM – enjoying barbecue, drinking or some pizza at San Francisco town “lungsod”
8:00 PM – a good night sleep, or count the stars with your friends

DAY 2 – Poro Island

1:00 PM – on the way to the Poro and witness Poro cave
3:00 PM – discover Boho rock or the natural waterfall in Poro
7:00 PM – enjoying barbecue, drinking or some pizza at San Francisco “lungsod”

DAY 3 – Lake Danao

8:00 AM – on the way to Lake Danao Park
9:00 AM – zip lining at Lake Danao
10:30 AM – catching fish at Lake Danao
12:00 PM – a good lunch at Lake Danao
1:00 PM – preparing to go to Consuelo port
2:00 PM – Consuelo port, the adventure ends 🙁

You may need a vehicle like a motorbike or multicab. The fee for a multicab is around 2,500 for a whole day tour depending on the distance. For a motorbike, you can get a rent for around P300-P500.

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