Itinerary 2D/1N (San Francisco) on a budget

Tulang dako

If you travel with a group or by solo, you would probably want to have a good itinerary in discovering Camotes Islands. The best time to get here is during dry season, from Jan to July where there is less rain and the seas are calm.

When you come here in San Francisco, you must bring some light snacks, flash light, your cellphone, and cash. The ATM is too far away to another island in Camotes called Poro.

If you want some good adventure and a good time, you may follow the suggested itinerary below.


8:00 AM – Arrival at Consuelo port
9:00 AM – Mangudlong Rock Resort (entrance fee is around P30)
10:30 AM – Santiago White View (No entrance fee)
12:00 PM – a good lunch in Santiago White View

2:00 PM – Tulang Diyot (entrance fee is P20)
3:30 PM – on the way to lungs of San Francisco
5:00 PM – eating barbecue or drinking or some pizza at San Francisco “lungsod”

There you have it. This itinerary is a simple travel in Camotes Islands. You probably enjoy the travel in a short amount of time. You will be able to visit fine beaches and cinematic caves. If you want more Camotes Island itinerary, check the following:

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