What are the boats available in going to Camotes?

There are several types of boats available in going to Camotes. To get to Camotes, you can take a boat from several ports in Cebu City, such as the Cebu City Pier 1 or the Danao Port.

There are several types of boats available for travel to Camotes, including:

  1. Passenger Ferries: These are large boats that are designed to carry passengers and their luggage. These ferries usually have air-conditioned seating areas, restrooms, and sometimes even snack bars.
  2. Fast Craft: These are smaller and faster boats that can get you to Camotes in a shorter amount of time. They are often more expensive than passenger ferries, but they are also more comfortable and convenient.
  3. Pump Boats: These are smaller, local boats that are used to transport people and goods between the islands. They are usually less expensive than ferries and fast craft, but they can also be less comfortable and reliable.

Some of the companies that offer boat trips to Camotes include Jomalia Shipping, Super Shuttle Ferry, and OceanJet. It’s best to check the schedules and prices of these companies ahead of time to plan your trip accordingly.

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