All About Camotes Islands: Travel Guide, Itinerary, tourist spots, and tours, the Lost Horizon of the  South

All About Camotes Islands: Travel Guide, Itinerary, tourist spots, and tours, the Lost Horizon of the South

A Camotes travel guide for vacation and summer outings!

Camotes Islands is called “The Lost Horizon of the South“. If you want to discover this place, you will surely have the adventure of a lifetime. Witnessing this beautiful place is like discovering a Paradise. You can get to see the unforgettable beaches, fine white sands, the different kinds of birds, the numerous caverns, and a popular lake.

It is one most favourable tourist spot in Cebu, Philippines because it is a budget-friendly, and popular in Cebu, Philippines.

Location of Camotes Islands:

First thing that you want to know about Camotes is, where it is located. It is located at the North-Eastern part of Cebu province. Just across Danao City, you will find Camotes Islands. It consists of the three islands: Pacijan Island (San Francisco), Poro Island, and Ponson Island.

Travel guide in What to do in Camotes Islands:

You may wonder on what to do in Camotes Islands. Here, you will find a few tips on how to get around Camotes Islands on a budget, and not to miss out the adventures! These tourist spots are one of the most visited places in Camotes Islands.

1. Swimming.

You will discover a lot of fine white sand beaches in Camotes Islands. Most of the beaches are located in Pacijan (San Francisco). The cool waters are crystal clear, you will surely be amazed of the aqaueous waters that are amazingly beautiful part of God’s creation. Most of the fine white sand beaches in San Francisco Camotes are accessible and are already tourist spots, namely:

Tourist spots beaches:

Mangodlong Rock Resort, Mangudlong Paradise Resort, Santiago White View, White Sand Beach Resort Malbago, and Tulang diyot.

Entrance fees are subject to change without notice:

Mangudlong Rock Resort: P30
Mangudlong Paradise Resort: P30
Santiago White View: no entrance fee
Tulang diyot: P20
Santiago Bay View: P30
White Sand Beach Resort Malbago: P30

2. Cave Hopping

One of the adventures in Camotes is cave hopping. You will discover big and small caves. One of the big caves that are usually visited by tourist is the Bukilat Cave. Other caves that you may want to discover is the Timubo Cave, Heaven Cave, Paraiso Cave, and Amazing Island Cave.

3. Lake and picnic

If you want to have a picnic, try to visit at Lake Danao Park. Most of the tourists come here to catch tilapia, or hang around, and enjoy the serene lake. You may find food stands here for your picnic. A swimming pool, and a zipline adventure through the centre of the lake. You can also have boat paddling activities for fun!

Itinerary for Camotes Islands:

You may find this useful itinerary in going to Camotes Island adventure! Firstly, determine what you want to do in Camotes. If you want white sand beaches, you would probably focus on Pacijan island or San Francisco Island because it has a lot of white sand beaches. If you want to find lunch and mini food stalls, you will surely visit the town (“lungsod”) in San Francisco. You will see a market place, barbecue and grill section, and a mini restaurant.

Tip: See the simple itinerary below (San Francisco):

  • In the morning, (8AM – 11AM) – You may take a swim at the beaches either Mangodlong Rock Resort, Santiago White View, Tulang diyot or any white sand beaches.
  • In the afternoon, you may take a cave hopping experience in San Francisco, namely: Amazing Island Cave, Heaven Cave, Paraiso Cave, and Timubo Cave.
  • You may also visit the lake in the afternoon, if you don’t want to discover caves.

Tourist spot in Poro Island:

  • Bukilat Cave is one of the largest cave in Camotes Islands. It is located in Poro island, around an hour distance from San Francisco island.

For more itineraries:

How to get to Camotes Islands:

Option A:

To visit Camotes, if you are in Cebu City, you may take the pier 1, which is the nearest, but the boat may find you expensive. It costs around P300 – P500, and it will dock at Poro Island, which is too far from San Francisco Island, where the white sand beaches are. If you are staying in the town centre of San Francisco, you may choose this option.

Option B:

For via Danao, just ride a taxi or by bus if you want to go across San Francisco. You will ride a roro boat in going to San Francisco, Camotes.

For more information on trip schedules in going to Camotes Islands, please visit this link:

Schedule trips to Camotes Islands.

Where to Stay in Camotes Islands (accommodation):

There are numerous accommodation places for you spend the night at Camotes Islands. Surely, if you want more fun, you can spend a 3 days at most to check almost all of the tourists destinations in Camotes Islands.

Beach resorts that offer accommodation (San Francisco):

You may check our accommodations page for more information. click here at accommodations page.

Mangodlong Paradise Resort
Price starts P2,500
Prices are subject to change without notice

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