Map of San Francisco and Poro

The graphic image below is the map of San Francisco and Poro. Mostly, you can find beach resorts in San Franciso.

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Pacijan Island (San Francisco)

  • Consuelo port is located just south of Paraiso cave. The line going to San Francisco town Poblacion is the road map.
  • Mangodlong Rock Resort is South west.
  • Camotes Beach Resort is North west.
  • Santiago Bay Beach is south of San Francisco Island.
  • Lake Danao, Timubo Cave is North.
  • Tulang Diyot is North west.

Poro Island

  • Pangunaron falls is south
  • Bukilat cave is east
  • Boho Rock Resort is just near the San Francisco Poblacion.

You can also find the map in Google. click here.

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