Things to do in Camotes Beach House

Camotes Beach House is one of our favorite hangouts in Camotes. The tropical and serenity is definitely a plus. When you hear Camotes Beach House, what comes to mind is relaxation. It is just one of the few options on what to do in the beach house.

Below are some tips on things to do in Camotes Beach House.

1. Swimming and snorkeling

This is the number one must-have thing to do in Camotes Beach House. Everyone loves the beach. The beach has crystal clear waters and white sand. Low tide is around 2 feet, and high tide is around 11 feet. In the summertime, you can enjoy the beach in the mornings to afternoons where the tide is not too high. You can wear swimming shorts or just simply shorts, for a good swim! But best to wear swimming gear like a snorkel, and a life jacket to explore under the sea. Discover and find Nemo 😉 and his friends. You will also encounter other small fishes, crabs, starfish, and different kinds of corals. You also be careful not to step into the coral stones to preserve the reefs.

2. Bask in the sunset

Sunset at Camotes Beach House

Second, the sunset is amazing. You will surely enjoy God’s creation like the sunset. You can have funny poses and take a picture. Making silhouettes are also part of the fun. Get creative with the poses and you surely enjoy them. Mostly, you can catch the sunset around 4 pm-5 pm. Bring your DSLR and get creative! Mostly, the summertime is the best time to take sunset photos.

3. Reading your favorite novel

Well, if you are a wide reader, the setting is definitely the ideal place to be. Reading just by the sea or on the hammock is surely an enjoyable activity. With the birds chirping and the cool breeze of the air, you will forget your city problems. And by the time you get dizzy from reading ;), you can take a light nap and relax.

4. Picnic or boodle

Have a pleasant eat at the cottage. Enjoy the picnic or dinner with the family. It is free to use the cottage as long as “you clean as you go”. Also available is the grill station if you want to cook “sinugba” (grilled fish or pork).

If you want to make a good brunch, first, you buy your favorite fish salad ingredients at the market located in the town San Francisco Poblacion. Ask the caretaker how to get there or ask them to prepare for you the food you want. Second, if you want a boodle, you can grab a banana leaf and spread your food, and dig in together with your family or friends.

5. Camping

If you like a pure awesome outdoor experience, you always go camping. You can set up the tents by the beach. You can spend the whole day or night. Feel the sea breeze, and you might witness a few birds chirping, hiding in the trees. Bring your radio or your favorite iTunes and play for good rhythm. Bonfires are allowed as long as you keep watch.

6. Host a party

You can celebrate your birthday with your family or friends. You can order a lechon that cost around P4,000 minimum in Camotes. You can ask the caretaker for help. Currently, the beach lot can accept and accommodate up to 10-15 people max at the moment. You also have to prepare some tables and chairs that can be rented.

Here you go. These are a few tips on things to do in Camotes Beach House

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