Payag Beach House Resort

Payag Beach House Resort

Payag Beach House Resort is located in baranggay Santiago, San Francisco, Camotes Islands. They give affordable rates mostly for backpackers and family outings. The bamboo and nipa themed resort is one of a kind and is definitely Filipino inspired design. It is a small resort offering few rooms for their guests but the experience is notable.

Payag, which also means “small nipa hut” in Visayan/Cebuano. This describes the Payag Beach Resort where it is made of bamboo and nipa huts.

The Information Desk

This is the receiving area. Accommodation may depend on the room that you are going to rent.

Rates vary from P800-P1500 pesos.

They also offer soft drinks and breakfast just near the receiving area, a dining area for their guests.

They serve: rice egg, tuna, tocino, longganisa and many more.

Other photos:

The beach has pristine white sand, a public beach named “Santiago White sand View”. The waters can get as high as 11 feet. You can enjoy water sports, like skimboard, swimming, beach volleyball, and a lot more. Relaxation and comfort is all you may find in the resort. At low tide, you can walk as long as a kilo-meter. Pretty amazing isn’t it! Good thing, you bring your camera, and pose all you want.

Payag Beach Resort is good for friends, your partner, backpackers, or family outings. The beach is also safe for kids, you will surely enjoy while checking on your kids. It is also safe for senior citizens, and with disabilities too.

Just a few meters, you can also find food stations. You can order hot noodle soup, pansit, or other short orders.


Tents are also available. If you have one, you can also bring your tent and pay less.

Payag Beach Resort also serve fresh sea foods, fresh fish, and other local Filipino dish while eating at the beach.

For more information about Payag Resort, check the details below:

Address: Santiago, Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines
Check-in time: 8AM
Room rates: 800
Family room: 3,500

Facebook: Payag Beach House Resort

How to get Payag Beach House Resort:

To get here, if you are in Consuelo port, you may ride a motorbike, a multicab, or a tricycle. The vehicles are available from 6am to 6pm.

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