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Camotes Islands have such beautiful places to explore.  Apart from the white sand beaches, lakes, and caves to explore for the adventurous types.  I have made a list of places for you to choose from if ever you will find yourself in Camotes Islands.

1. Tulang Diyot

Tulang Diyot, Esperanza Camotes

Little Island Tulang Diyot, Esperanza Camotes

Tulang Diyot (“diyot” means little) is a little island located in Esperanza, San Francisco Camotes. I wouldn’t really say that this is one of the popular destinations in Camotes Island, but for me this is the most beautiful place in Camotes. It is just one boat ride away from Tulang, Dako in Esperanza, San Francisco.

This island is the best place to get some peace and quiet, tourists who just wants to embrace nature of things. You will not find anything like restaurants or bars. So it is best to bring some food if you wish to spend the whole day there. Swimming is good but just be careful of the strong current sometimes it will drag you away from the island and it is quite deep.

2. Santiago Bay

The most popular “go to” destination in Camotes, Island. This place is a tourist area, some people call the “little Boracay”, long white sand shoreline. It is where all the “happenings” take place. Restaurants, seafood, beach, and live music.

Nightlife is quite apparent here. Some days are quiet but weekends are mostly when the tourist overwhelm the place. Lots of restaurants to choose from but I don’t really like having to wait so much as over an hour to get my food served, I find it really troubling especially when you are really tired and hungry from the day tour. You may end up chewing your nails waiting for the food to be served as most restaurants here only have 2-3 staff and completely undermanned.

3.  Mangudlong Rock

Mangudlong Rock Resort

Mangudlong Rock Resort

When I was little before Mangudlong Beach was commercialized, there used to be a sandbar that lead you straight across to the rock formations. Right now, it has been transformed to an artificial shoreline so the beach can accommodate more people which is quite sad. I did love how it used to look before than how it looked now but maybe that’s just my childhood talking. It is indeed more spacious now which made the Camotes white sand beach one of the most popular places for events such as beach weddings, birthdays, and other functions.

4.  Timubo Cave

Timubo Cave is very popular among tourists. It is one of the most visited destination places in Camotes Islands. The cave has quite a tad small opening entrance compared to other caves in Camotes but that doesn’t stop the tourists to go in and see what’s inside. You will have to walk a few steps down before you could reach and enjoy the crystal clear waters of Timubo Cave. This cave is located in Sonog, San Francisco Camotes Island.

5.  Heaven Cave

Quite new to the scene of tourist attractions in Camotes Islands. This heavenly cave does not disappoint. It really is like heaven below looking at the clear waters and crystal formations inside the cave. It is quite known to have a stalagmites forming as a statue of “Mother Mary” hence the name being “Heaven Cave“. Stalactites hanging from the ceiling is also quite fascinating to look at while floating on your back in this cave. It really is stunning to look at. It will take you to a place in time when dinosaurs exists. Really, don’t miss it this is one of the best Camotes caves I’ve gone to. This is located in Nonoc II, Union San Francisco, Camotes Island.

6.  Blue Lake Danao

One of the biggest lakes in the Philippines is Lake, Danao in Camotes Island. This tourist attraction got its name “Blue Lake” because of its blue-ish colored water lake. The best thing to do here is to try out the boat ride to enjoy the scenes around the like. You will perhaps experience the feeling of being at the Amazon. You can also rent a paddled boat which is good for people who would like to enjoy time with nature.

There’s also a swimming pool available for kids and adults. A snack bar also serves burgers, sandwiches, and drinks such as sodas, buko juice, fruit shakes, etc.

7.  Boho Rock

A favorite diving spot for tourist. Quite far from the tourist spots and located in a nearby island Poro, Camotes. A land bridge connecting the two islands taking about 5 minutes to get to the other side. The beach is just a few hundred steps down from a cliff which is not really advisable for older people especially those who are experiencing weak joints on the knees. Going down the steps is only half the battle (sic).

8.  Bukilat Cave

This renowned cave as one of the hiding places of no other than General Douglas Mc Arthur during the World War II, one would say. Though not really a known fact but the story derived from its former name called ‘Mc Arthur’s Cave’ which also the cave situated at Mac Arthur, Tudela Poro Camotes. This is the farthest tourist spot of tourists coming from Consuelo, Camotes. It takes almost 2 hours to get there.

9. Paradise Beach

The word ‘paradise’ is pretty much the exact way to describe this place. Pretty white sand and clean, clear beach waters, never fail to entice you causing you to jump in to the beach waters of Mangudlong Paradise. It is quite expensive though, an entrance of Php 200 pesos of day-pass and they also have available rooms available. A cheaper entrance fee on the other resort which is even worth it at Php 15 pesos only!

10. Busay Falls

Camotes Island doesn’t have that much waterfalls in the area. However, there is one developed in the Poro, Tudela area in barangay Busay. Although quiet a small waterfall, I find this place a very good place for meditation. I would spend a time here meditating or I could grab a book and just read while listening to the sound of the water falling down to the creek. It is such a good place to relax and just enjoying the splendor of nature.

That’s it! Those are the top tourist places in Camotes Island I recommend to anyone who is visiting Camotes. If you wish to get a tour package for any of these places, check out sample itinerary here. Have fun in Camotes!

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I love sharing information about Camotes, Islands and guide you to make the most of your touring experience in the island. I grew up vacationing every summer in this Island and I would like to consider myself a local here since I have spend much of my life here even though my residence is in Cebu City.

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