Top 10 Hotels and Resorts in Camotes Islands


Camotes is considered one of the best vacation spots in the Philippines. In this article, you will learn the few popular resorts in the island.

Mangudlong Paradise Resort

They are one of the many hotel accommodations in Camotes Islands. This resort has various amenities like the swimming pool, cottages, billiards, spa massages, and restaurant. It is an ideal tropical getaway. It’s a modern and luxurious resort.

Mangudlong Rock Resort

It’s a decent resort with amenities like swimming pool and restaurant. You can do beach volleyball of the white sand beach. It has an island filled with cozy cottages made of cool tropical huts. Wide and spacious for lovers, family, and friends.

Nonoc Beach House

It is a simple beach house that accommodates only a few people. It is a private resort in Nonoc. They’re renting out the space and the beach house.

Bano Beach Resort

It’s a resort with infinity swimming pool. It’s good for tourist, travelers and backpackers. This hostel-like resort also has a restaurant and cottage to dine and relax. It has simple cottages with basic facilities-TV, desk table and toiletries. It has a cabana and natural view of the sea.

Santiago Bay Garden and Resort

This resort is filled with cozy rooms and a restaurant at the center. It has an infinity pool and you can swim all you want below the white sand beach. It has villas, with garden views, and bungalow type rooms. It offers fun facilities and recreation like restaurants, tours, bicycle rentals, water sports and Internet.

Payag Beach house

Payag Beach house has white sand beach in barangay Santiago. It has a couple of family rooms and a shared bathroom. It is a popular resort with affordable price rates for travelers and guests.

My Little Island Hotel

It is a hotel in the mountain. You can get to see the view of the looking out to the sea. It has a swimming pool.

Masamayor Beach Resort

It has native style structure resort with cogon grass roofs, wood and bamboo furnishings. It is located center of Santiago Beach. It has fun services like motorized boating, snorkeling, rafts, tents, gazebo, mountain bikes, and motorcycles.

Keshe Beach Resort

Keshe resort has simple, and neat cottages. It has white sand beach with turquoise water.

Flying Fish Resort

You can go scuba dive just near Tulang Diyot island, It has a bar for special events that has Chinese, Thai, Western and local cuisine.

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I love sharing information about Camotes, Islands and guide you to make the most of your touring experience in the island. I grew up vacationing every summer in this Island and I would like to consider myself a local here since I have spend much of my life here even though my residence is in Cebu City.

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