Santiago White Beach


Santiago White Beach is probably the most popular beach in Camotes Island. Some people would like to call it the “mini Boracay” because of its fine white sand. In most package trips, this is the last stop and usually this is where you could spend your dinner while enjoying the sound of a band that plays every night on the weekends.

Santiago White Beach is a public beach. It is free to all and you only get to pay if you wish to use the kiosks or cottages which does not cost you much.

People usually flock to restaurants here in Santiago beach during night time and enjoying the sea breeze. Although you have to be patient waiting for the food to arrive since most restaurants are undermanned. I would say it is the best place to chill apart from dining.

About Fe Angelique Obenza

I love sharing information about Camotes, Islands and guide you to make the most of your touring experience in the island. I grew up vacationing every summer in this Island and I would like to consider myself a local here since I have spend much of my life here even though my residence is in Cebu City.

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