Market Places

Unlike beach tourist places such as Boracay or Palawan, when it comes to wet markets or restaurants, there aren’t much that can be found in Camotes Island. This is quite challenging for people who are looking for food trips. Below are the list of markets currently present in the Islands of Camotes.

San Francisco, Camotes Market

This is the main market of Camotes, Island. Located in San Francisco proper, town of Camotes. You can find variety of fish, meat, vegetables, etc. On Sundays (aka ‘Tabo’) is when the place is filled with merchants from all places selling lots of varieties of goods for your convenience.

Campo, Union Fish Market

Selling only fresh fish, this is an alternative for those who does not want to go to San Francisco Market

Consuelo Markets

Also selling only fresh fish except on Wednesdays (aka ‘Tabo’) is when the place is filled with merchants from different places selling varieties of goods. Located in Consuelo, close to the port area.

Gaisano Supermart

Selling non-perishable items. Likened to ‘Unitop’ that sells variety of items for very cheap price. It is like a warehouse not air-conditioned. This is located going to the town of San Francisco and just across the Petron gasoline station.